license 2
Щукинская лицензия 2


Medical licenses for the provision of services in accordance with the price list.

Copyright and the CROWN THAI SPA brand are owned by World of Asia LLC.

The network CROWN THAI SPA represents a network of traditional Thai and aesthetic massage salons, body spa procedures not only in Moscow and Russian regions, but also abroad.

Every year, Thai and aesthetic massages are becoming more popular and demanded on people of different ages, since health has been the key to success!

The concept of our network development is that we, first of all, pay attention to unique programs, reasonable pricing and the quality of services offered.

Our company carefully hires certified masters from the Kingdom of Thailand, with experience of 10 years or more in 5-star SPA, and only after checking all the necessary documents confirming the accuracy of education, the masters start to work.

Opening the doors of any salon, you find yourself in a world of grace and delicate taste, an atmosphere of warmth and goodwill.

Stylish, spacious and comfortable rooms of our salons were originally designed to attract the eye with their lightness and comfort.

We clearly understand that the attention and respect of customers is not deserved by geography, scope, design, but first of all, by the professionalism and the quality of our work, the ability to provide what you need!

We consider a number of exclusive services that are presented in our stores as our absolute achievement.

A high level of service in our salons and an individual approach to each client has found a response from those who once used our services: our customers expressed their gratitude for our attention and quality of service by the permanency. They returned to us again and again, recommending to their friends and acquaintances.

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