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Kobido is the most effective of the known natural methods for qualitative improving the state of the skin and slowing down the aging process. This massage has gathered centuries of knowledge in medicine, philosophy, physiology. It passed the test of time and helped many women restoring and maintaining their beauty. Perfect faces of Japanese women are not legends. You can be convinced of this, thanks to the unique Japanese imperial facial massage Kobido, which combines simultaneously aesthetics, relaxation, and meditation.

Everything is unusual in Japanese facial massage - a unique, completely different from Western, technique for performing fascial-muscle groups, and not for individual muscles, reflects a holistic view of the world, featured for the East. Japanese massage is distinguished by a special sophistication and elegance of movements, similar to a magical, charming dance of hands.

Another striking difference is multifunctionality. Each of the massage techniques is characterized by the multifunctional effect on various skin layers, muscles, subcutaneous fat, and blood vessels. For example, stroking simultaneously increases blood circulation, stimulates skin turgor, and soothes the nervous system.

Regular Japanese facial massage Kobido will make the skin supple, vibrant, refresh the complexion, restore the face contour and muscle turgor, smooth wrinkles and remove swelling, help find peace of mind and inner harmony - the massage has a psycho-emotional effect.

Japanese massage Kobido has a cumulative effect. That means, after a full, intensive course, the skin will please you with its perfect appearance long time!

Japanese facial massage has a positive effect not only on your appearance, but also on your overall health. It helps you not only rejuvenate and restore the face skin of your beloved clients, but also prevent the aging process, improve circulation in the blood and lymph vessels.

Kobido massage restores facial contours, muscle elasticity, smooths wrinkles, tones up, removes puffiness, including “baggy lower eyelids” and “rings under the eyes”, relieves nervous strain, reduces headaches, relieves pain in the back and neck, and heals the whole body.

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  • Original and amazing design
  • A large selection of programs for both women and men of any age
  • Validity of the gift certificate is 6 months
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