Gift Certificatefor the LIPOMODELING MASSAGE program

4 900 rub
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Electronic certificate

It is the complex effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat with a special massage technique. As a result of this massage, fat cells are “broke up” and are naturally excreted from the body. As a rule, lipomodelling massage is performed on the abdomen, hips and buttocks, in some cases also on the back and arms.

Recommended course contains 10 treatments. Carrying out lipomodelling massage we use the innovative mean "Fat Inhibitor", which has an expressive lipomodelling, lymphatic drainage and lifting effect. The innovation of the composition is determined by the fact that the “Fat Inhibitor” not only accelerates lipolysis, but also inhibits the formation of a new fat.

Benefits of buying a gift certificate

  • A universal and unforgettable gift to relatives, friends, acquaintances or employees
  • Convenience of choosing a gift for any amount or a specific service
  • Original and amazing design
  • A large selection of programs for both women and men of any age
  • Validity of the gift certificate is 6 months
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