Our company proposes Thai masseurs, spa therapists from Bali and Ayurveda specialists from India for rents.

This service of our company will help not only create a SPA project, but also complement the existing one with its diversity. IMG_8751.jpg

Highly qualified and certified masters from Thailand, Bali and India are an important component in organizing a SPA project.

Our company has been engaged in the casting of certified specialists for more than 10 years and, relying on our own experience, our company will help you to realize your project by providing highly qualified masseurs from Thailand, Bali and India.

CROWN THAI SPA has a great potential and operates throughout the Russian Federation.

According to the same principles that our company guides in casting the stuff for its own massage salons, the company will make it also for you. After the specialists are selected, approved by the customer, we perform permits for their legal work on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The advantages of renting Thai massage masters, spa therapists from Bali and Ayurveda specialists from India:
  • large experience in the spa industry;
  • selection of only highly qualified masseurs with at least 5 years of experience;
  • upon arrival to the Russian Federation, we carry out mandatory training on adapting to the Russian market of services and programs, allowing us not to waste time correcting mistakes, but working with maximum volume and income from the first day;
  • providing the recommended price list of services;
  • providing a list of consumables for the provision of services and partner companies;
  • providing consultations during the validity of the contract.
For rental of massage therapists from Thailand, spa therapists from the Island of Bali and Ayurveda specialists from India, please contact by phone in Moscow: +7 (985) 776-51-69

After sending the application, our administrator will contact you!