Address: Kozhuhovo, st. Dmitrievskogo, house 3

Tel.: +7 (967) 262-22-12 , +7 (967) 262-22-13

Opening hours: from 10.00 to 22.00

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Directions to CROWN THAI SPA Kozhuhovo
About our salon
Harmony and balance.
Our salon will delight you with a cozy interior in Thai style.
Our masters arrived to us from Sunny Thailand, will help your body to heal itself using various techniques, precisely working out your muscles and deeper tissues of the body.
Relaxing music during the procedures, a special atmosphere, large beautiful aquariums and flickering candles will help your spirit relax and restore natural strength. Milk oolong tea and tea drinking will be the final note in restoring your balance. Having visited us once, you will want to return. Restore harmony and balance after a hard day. Give yourself ease and pacification. Gain vitality and restore proper functioning of the body.

Photos of the CROWN THAI SPA Kozhuhovo

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