Thai romantic meeting for two persons



Give your beloved and dearest people the paradise pleasure and good mood. The main source of healing is creating the love atmosphere in your hearts. This program is one of the ways of bringing this wonderful feeling into your life. Enjoying the sweet smells of tropical flowers and aromatic oils will not only help you relax, but also immerse yourself in the thought of sublime love during your vacation, a special time signifying your love. A world of dreams and bliss is waiting for you.

  • The first stage is washing the feet with the addition of rose petals. This procedure will not only relax, but also bring aesthetic pleasure.
  • The second stage is a stimulating massage of the feet and calf muscles of a young man, during which reflex points that are interconnected with all organs of the body are being stimulated. Meanwhile, a delicate peeling with the aroma of exotic fruits is being made to a girl, thanks to which the skin is cleansed and becomes tender.
  • The final stage of the romantic meeting is a relaxing oil massage using aromatic oils for two persons. You will not only be relaxed, but also restore strengths.

After the SPA program “THAI ROMANTIC MEETING FOR TWO PERSONS”, 30 minutes are provided for pleasant communication at the table, tea drinking and light meal.

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