SPA programs

SPA procedures are a set of wellness practices using thermal, mineral, fresh and sea water, algae, medicinal plants and the mud. The purpose of such procedures is to achieve harmony of the soul and body.
Procedures can be divided into 2 main components:
  • SPA care is a cosmetic effect aimed at improving the skin elasticity on the face and body, smoothing wrinkles, getting rid of cellulite. They will help to cleanse, soften and soothe the outer skin, speed up the blood circulation, preserve the youth and charm. SPA uses only natural substances without any chemical additives. Various wraps and peels will support your beauty. Properly selected means not only promote to improving the appearance, but also facilitate the relaxation.
  • SPA massage assists strengthening the muscle tone, strengthens blood vessels, helps to relax and normalizes the nervous system. Thai massage combines the utmost of traditional oriental studies about health, philosophy and psychology. Accumulating centuries of gained knowledge about the physiotherapy, yoga and spiritual teachings, Thai masters have created perfectly balanced programs that will help you feeling the supply of energy and improving your well-being. Enjoy the delicate oriental aromas and gentle touches presenting strengths and the serenity.
A complete list of our services can be found here.
The cost of spa treatments at CROWN THAI SPA salon is very reasonable and attractive. Experience truly unearthly bliss, feel lightness and inner regeneration.

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