The dragon eye



The nutritional properties of juicy lychees perfectly moisturize your skin and give it a delicate sweet aroma with freshness notes that only these fruits possess. China is considered to be the birthplace of lychee, where this fruit has been grown for more than 1000 years. From ancient times, the Chinese called this fruit "the dragon eye", because of the vivid combination of red peel, white pulp and brown seed.
Deep hydration and saturation of the skin with natural fruit enzymes will make you feel full of life energy.

Composition of the program
Traveling with a spa program begins with a delicate creamy body scrub that exfoliates perfectly and prepares the skin for the next stage of relaxation - a body mask that gives the skin a healthy and radiant look. At the end there is a massage using aromatic oil that gives a pleasant feeling of softness and silkiness, provides a delightful sense of serenity for a long time.
(The body wrap mask is not included in the program lasting 1 hour).

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