Chocolate pleasure


A luxurious spa care and a wonderful treat for your body that will soften, soothe, moisten and protect against aging. We all know that chocolate causes the formation of endorphins - hormones of happiness. Chocolate applied to the skin gives carefree happiness and makes real miracles, saving it from cellulite. It is a source for nutrition of microelements and vitamins, achieving the effect of moisturizing and toning. Let your body plunge into chocolate flavors and indulge in the bliss of relaxation. The program harmoniously combines a chocolate scrub and a chocolate mask, and the final chord will be a relaxing oil massage with chocolate oil, which will not only relax the muscles of the body, but also present a boost of energy and self-confidence.

Effects of the procedure:

  • epidermal cell renewal;
  • activation of microcirculation;
  • cleansing and detoxification of the body skin;
  • stimulation of cell metabolism;
  • relaxation, awakening of feelings;
  • anti-cellulite effect.

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