Symbol of happiness and love



The juicy, bright, fruity aroma of exotic Mango conjures up thoughts of the sunny Mediterranean beaches. The feeling of summer warmth, relaxation on a paradise island and bliss will envelop you! Mango smells simultaneously of broiling sun and fresh wind, sea breeze and scorching desert. All this generates a delicate, sweet, magnetic aroma that relieves feelings of irritation, fatigue and internal tension.

We offer this program in two versions by option:

Composition of the program
Traveling with a spa program starts with a delicate creamy body scrub that exfoliates perfectly and prepares the skin for the next stage of relaxation - a body mask that gives the skin a healthy and radiant look. At the end there is a massage using aromatic oil that gives a pleasant feeling of softness and silkiness, provides a delightful sense of serenity for a long time. (The body wrap mask is not included in the program lasting 1 hour).

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